Bot Properties

A list of configurable Bot properties.


A command that defines the associated Alarm and Actions of the Bot. When the Alarm is raised the Bot fires the associated Actions.

Defining the command works differently depending if you're using the CLI or the UI.

The command property is automatically defined when creating a Bot within the CLI. The basic Op syntax is:

bot <name> = <command>
The <command> line must be provided in the following format:
bot <name> = if <alarm_name> then <action_name> fi
  • alarm_name The name of the Alarm that the Bot monitors.
  • action_name - The name of the Action the Bot triggers when the monitored <alarm_name> Alarm is raised.

For example, the following creates a high_cpu_bot that fires the high_cpu_action when the high_cpu_alarm is raised.

bot high_cpu_bot = if high_cpu_alarm then high_cpu_action fi


The name of the Bot. This value must contain only alphanumeric or underscore characters, and must be globally unique.

bot name = <command>