The workers of the Shoreline platform.

An Agent is an efficient and non-intrusive process running in the background of all your monitored hosts. Agents constantly collect data from both the host and all connected pods and containers. This aggregated data is periodically sent to Shoreline's backend and is used to create Metrics.

Agents are also the secure link between Shoreline and your environment's Resources. Agents can execute actions on your behalf -- everything from simple Linux commands to remediation playbooks. Many Op Language statements pass an API request through Shoreline's backend and onto the relevant Agents, which then execute that command across all targeted Resources.

Since Agents receive commands from Shoreline's backend, they also take automatic remediation steps based on the Alarms, Actions, and Bots you have configured. These objects work in tandem to monitor your fleet and dispatch the appropriate response if something goes wrong.

Installing Agents

Check out the Agent installation guide for details.